Support Conversations in Fire Emblem Engage Guide

Support Conversations in Fire Emblem Engage Guide ...

Another thing fans look forward to in every game is the support conversations. In Fire Emblem: Engage, this is no exception. Though, it has one of the largest recruitable rosters in the franchise (36 characters) which means there are dozens of support conversations you can see in one playthrough.

Fire Emblem Engage's list of all character support conversations

The good thing about all of this is that many of these characters only have support conversations with a handful of people, usually with Alear, their stewards, members of their own country, and other people they have shared hobbies with.

Below is a list of every character and the persons they can establish rapport with to help you position your characters in battle and build strong bonds. We've left out Alear from the list because they already have support for all of them.

Important: This list includes significant story spoilers. If you haven't yet visited all four countries, don't read it.

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
VanderClanne, Framme, Goldmary, Lindon, Alfred, Amber, Mauvier, Pandreo, and Saphir
ClanneFogado, Framme, Jean, Hortensia, Louis, Vander, Veyle, Zelkov, Citrinne, and Etie
FrammeAnna, Boucheron, Chloe, Goldmary, Kagetsu, Lapis, Timerra, Vander, Clanne, and Diamant
CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
AlfredDiamant, Timerra, Vander, Veyle, Amber, Yunaka, Boucheron, Bunet, Celine, Etie, and Ivy
BoucheronAlfred, Etie, Framme, Lindon, Panette, Zelkov Goldmary, Kagetsu, Lapis, and Alcryst
CelineAlcryst, Alfred, Fogado, Hortensia, Jean, Kagetsu, Lapis, Chloe, Etie, Louis, and Mauvier
EtieAlfred, Clanne, Boucheron, Fogado, Goldmary, Jade, Lapis, Celine, Panette, and Yunaka
LouisCeline, Ivy, Jade, Pandreo, Yunaka, Zelkov, Clanne, Rosado, Saphir, and Chloe
ChloeAmber, Bunet, Framme, Hortensia, Jean, Celine, Citrinne, Louis, Merrin, and Seadall
JeanClanne, Jade, Lindon, Chloe, Zelkov, Bunet, and Celine
CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
AlcrystPandreo, Saphir, Boucheron, Diamant, Fogado, Hortensia, Ivy, Lapis, Seadall, Celine, and Citrinne
DiamantAlcryst, Alfred, Amber, Citrinne, Framme, Jade, Kagetsu, Ivy, Saphir, Timerra, and Veyle
CitrinneClanne, Diamant, Merrin, Seadall, Veyle, Yunaka, Zelkov, Alcryst, and Chloe
LapisCitrinne, Etie, Fogado, Alcryst, Anna, Boucheron, Celine, Framme, Goldmary, and Rosado
AmberAlfred, Chloe, Diamant, Jade, Mauvier, Merrin, Panette, Seadall, Vander, and Zelkov
JadeJean, Kagetsu,Amber, Bunet, Diamant, Etie, Lindon, Louis, Rosado, and Timerra
SaphirAlcryst, Diamant, Goldmary, Lindon, Louis, Panette, and Vander
YunakaCitrinne, Zelkov, Etie, Louis, Merrin, Alfred, Fogado, Goldmary, Panette, and Seadall
CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
FogadoBunet, Celine, Lapis, Pandreo, Rosado, Timerra, Yunaka, Clanne, Etie, Hortensia, and Alcryst
TimerraAlfred, Anna, Diamant, Fogado, Framme, Jade, Ivy, Merrin, Panette, Seadall, and Veyle
MerrinAmber, Bunet, Chloe, Rosado, Timerra, Veyle, Yunaka, Citrinne, Kagetsu, and Panette
PanetteGoldmary, Ivy, Merrin, Amber, Boucheron, Etie, Pandreo, Saphir, Timerra, and Yunaka
BunetAlfred, Anna, Chloe, Fogado, Jade, Jean, Kagetsu, Mauvier, Merrin, and Pandreo
PandreoAlcryst, Bunet, Fogado, Louis, Rosado, Seadall, Vander, Veyle, Mauvier, and Panette
SeadallTimerra, Veyle, Yunaka, Alcryst, Amber, Chloe, Citrinne, Kagetsu, Pandreo, and Rosado
CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
HortensiaClanne, Fogado, Goldmary, Alcryst, Anna, Celine, Chloe, Ivy, Lindon, Rosado, and Veyle
IvyAlcryst, Alfred, Diamant, Mauvier, Panette, Timerra, Veyle, Zelkov, Hortensia, Kagetsu,and Louis
KagetsuIvy, Merrin, Seadall, Zelkov, Boucheron, Bunet, Celine, Diamant, Framme, and Jade
ZelkovBoucheron, Citrinne, Clanne, Amber, Anna, Ivy, Jean, Kagetsu, Louis, and Yunaka
RosadoFogado, Goldmary, Hortensia, Jade, Lapis, Louis, Mauvier, Merrin, Pandreo, and Seadall
GoldmaryBoucheron, Etie, Framme, Hortensia, Lapis, Panette, Rosado, Saphir, Vander, and Yunaka
LindonMauvier, Saphir, Vander, Boucheron, Hortensia, Jade, and Jean
AnnaZelkov, Bunet, Framme, Hortensia, Jean, Lapis, Mauvier, and Timerra
CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
MauvierPandreo, Amber, Anna, Bunet, Rosado, Celine, Ivy, Lindon, Vander, and Veyle
VeyleDiamant, Hortensia, Alfred, Citrinne, Clanne, Ivy, Pandreo, Seadall, Timerra, Mauvier, and Merrin

Alear and all others may have support conversations up to Rank A. For Alear to open with a potential romance or lifelong S-bond friendship with someone, they must give them a Pact Ring at the end of the game.

In Fire Emblem Engage, how do you get the most out of your support bonds?

Two characters may bond in a ton of activities introduced in Fire Emblem: Engage.

  • Taking action beside each other in battle
  • Letting a unit spam Heal on the person you want to them to “bond” with
  • Cooking and eating meals together on Somniel
  • Occasionally fighting each other in the Arena (the battle matchups are randomized)

The ability to equip a staff is granted in Emblem Micaiah, so that the Heal spam method is available for all characters! We also discovered that reloading save files results in random battles across the map so, really, you have unlimited opportunities to max out everyone's bonds in one go if you're willing to put in the effort.

Every character can be gifted a Pretty Pebble and Spirit Gem to show their affection. These items can be found randomly after battles and around Somniel as sparkling items on the battlefield. It will take only one Spirit Gem (or three Pretty Pebbles) and a few skirmishes to increase a support rank with another unit.

In Fire Emblem Engage, how do I have support conversations?

Bonds between any unit will not be established until you have seen their previous interactions. From Reference, select Support. Supports are different from Bonds, which are for Emblems.

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