In Sims 4, how do you rotate furniture?

In Sims 4, how do you rotate furniture? ...

As a player, there are many ways to mold your world in Sims 4. You may start a family, career, or even a house. When designing homes, you have many options for décor. But how do you change things to fit your floor plan?

In Sims 4, there are four controls for rotating furniture.

When you have a design objective in mind, you'll likely need to modify and move furniture to ensure it's just right. While that might seem daunting, it's actually quite straightforward once you master the basics! Here's how to transform your furniture in Sims 4 into stunning decor!

The game only works for certain items, such as stairs. When you do have these unique items, the game allows you to use special rotation tools, located in the UI box above the item. Just click the direction you want the item (like your stairs) to go, and place them in place!

The mouse's click is probably the easiest, as it doesn't require much effort on the player. This will rotate items in only one direction, but it doesn't require you moving your mouse all around or using your keyboard keys to rotate them. Just left-click the furniture and then right-click with the mouse to rotate it.

The comma and period method is straightforward because it only requires memorizing two different keys on your keyboard. You click on any item you want to rotate and you should see the green grid beneath the furniture. From there, you use the comma (,) and period (.) keys to complete the rotation.

This method is recommended when you want to rotate an item at a more casual angle. It's also excellent when it comes to items that are normally askew in the real world, adding an element of authenticity to your gameplay.

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