Roblox Ballista Codes (January 2023)

Roblox Ballista Codes (January 2023) ...

Ballista is a fantastic team-based PvP Roblox game that challenges your melee skills with medieval weaponry. While most Roblox team deathmatch games revolve around guns and modern warfare, Ballista brings you back several centuries to make the challenge more interesting. Yet, Ballista still entices players with special loot and unique cosmetics!

Roblox Ballista codes are listed below.

Ballista's Roblox codes are all working.

  • SecretUnderBridge — Reward: Treasure Chest Roll (New)
  • DeathmatchLive — Reward: Treasure Chest Roll
  • SketchYT — Reward: Treasure Chest Roll
  • Battle25k — Reward: Treasure Chest Roll
  • WinterSeason1 — Reward: Ice Chest Roll
  • Like3k — Reward: Royal Infantry Armor

Ballista has no expired Roblox codes yet.

Roblox King Legacy codes are now available.

Roblox Ballista's Redeemable Codes

Follow the directions below to redeem codes in Ballista.

How to Get More Roblox Ballista Codes and Free Rewards

The best way to keep up with Ballista is to keep checking back to this guide on a regular basis. For example, you may follow ThePoinball, MetaProx, and Sleitnick's Roblox profiles on Twitter under the hashtag SupersocialPlay.

Ballista rewards players who subscribe to the Battle Pass, which can help you achieve greater feats and powerful weapons. One of the main advantages of their Battle Pass is the daily login bonus, which grants you twice the amount of rewards you'd get without the pass!

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