For Fortnite Horror Map Codes (January 2023), here are some creative scary maps

For Fortnite Horror Map Codes (January 2023), here are some creative scary maps ...

We're looking at a great assortment of maps that you can play solo or with friends and create a haunting atmosphere.

The Top 10 Fortnite Scary Horror Maps

9952-4687-2928: Jonesy's Horror Murder Mystery Map Code

In Jonesy's Horror Murder Mystery, you must team up with three other players and experience Dead by Daylight-style gameplay. The victims have special abilities to survive and must complete tasks to escape successfully while the Jonesy hunts them down with traps and locks them away in jails.

9512-6147-2044 SCP The Breach Map Code

You are locked inside the Foundation's lab where a group of classified subjects is escaping. Since you are a disposable human, you can participate in this terrifying experience and do your best to survive the night.

0168-4640-6811 Subway Escape Map Code

After your train has sat unused for unknown reasons, you must escape a dark abandoned subway alone. As you traverse this haunting subway map, you'll discover strange locations and hidden secrets.

4937-3733-1628 Night Hunter Map Codes

Night Hunter is a thrilling horror experience that requires players to run and hide in order to escape all others. Players must use various weapons and traps while others try to survive the night.

Corridors of Darkness | The Facility Map Codes: 2576-6769-5291

The Facility is a perfect balance of role-play and hide-and-see thrills, with just the right amount of thrills and scares. You must perform various tasks and activities to unlock doors and clear the path. However, you are not alone. A powerful threat is threatening to devour you. You'll have to hide and avoid the monster in order to escape alive.

4441-5246-1264 Phantom Investigation Map Code

Phantom Investigation is another great ghost hunt experience inspired by Phasmpaphobia. Join up to three other players in unique maps and equipment to try and track down the supernatural being on the prowl. Your objective is to identify the ghost without falling prey to its wrathful fury.

3847-8257-0584: Zombieland Map Code

Zombieland is a casual and social horror map that focuses less on making you afraid of the supernatural and more on making it an enjoyable place to hang out with your pals. It follows the tycoon/simulator genres in that you must build up kills to improve your stats and acquire better weapons, but with a grotesque theme.

View Anomaly Catchers - 1641-1480-5859 Harbor House Map Code

Anomaly Catchers is a ghost-hunting horror series inspired by games like Phasmophobia. While avoiding getting caught by a ghost, you must use the available ghost-hunting equipment!

  • Evil Awaits 1: 4163-3189-9916
  • Evil Awaits 2: 9663-1874-2583
  • Evil Awaits 3: 9920-3065-4803
  • Evil Awaits 4: 4572-8950-8933
  • Evil Awaits 5: 3556-1498-6642
  • Evil Awaits 6: 7688-6004-1077
  • Evil Awaits 7: 7153-0057-5102
  • Evil Awaits 8: 2657-2049-4523
  • Evil Awaits 9: 5706-4716-3544
  • Evil Awaits 10: 8642-3740-2264
  • Evil Awaits 11: 3204-8302-0131
  • Evil Awaits 12: 4098-9975-2849
  • Evil Awaits 13: 9136-7246-5412
  • Evil Awaits 14: 7710-0034-8827
  • Evil Awaits 15: 5034-4002-3245
  • Evil Awaits 16: 3515-6322-1432
  • Evil Awaits 17: 1254-3673-2133
  • Evil Awaits 18: 0711-2419-7429
  • Evil Awaits 19: 4607-3430-0603
  • Evil Awaits 20: 6533-8912-5569
  • Evil Awaits 21: 9059-5575-6936
  • Evil Awaits 22: 0387-3560-2947

The Evil Awaits series by Jkr_Julian is one of the longest horror series in the Fortnite Creative community. With over 20 courses, you will find no shortage of content and can easily get lost (figure and literally) in these horror maps for hours at a time!

The Cartoon Dog Part 1 Map Code: 1797-2864-1381The Cartoon Dog Part 2 Map Code: 8830-3865-1757

Trevor Henderson's Cartoon Dog is a horror map created by a popular Fortnite mapmaker. It soon became a popular game among gamers who like to play horror maps. A terrifying sequel has been released that will bring you back to the moment you fell in the first map!

0104-8479-6206: 48 Hours of Anarchy

The term "anarchy" is used both to describe the map's title and narrative, but also to the game's scope. As you fight for your life against others, you will encounter many different puzzles and challenges. This game does not include more than two nights of chaos!

Part 1 of the VHS Project: 0444-2689-6036VHS Project Part 2: 2369-2784-6379

Experience this two-part survival horror masterpiece and challenge yourself to explore the darkest parts of your inner self before the game is over. You'll almost certainly rethink your interest in finishing this map before it's over, as it's guaranteed to be one of the most terrifying Fortnite maps you've ever seen.

4284-8758-1462: The Backrooms Map Code

If you like creepypasta, you'll instantly recognize (and probably love) this Fortnite map with a creepy online story of the same name. You can't intentionally enter the Backrooms except when one of the lucky few escapes. There is no official exit or entrance, but maybe you can reclaim the real world.

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