In Combat Warriors Roblox, how do you get a super jump?

In Combat Warriors Roblox, how do you get a super jump? ...

Combat Warriors is a thrilling fighting game within Roblox that was created by SwenzjeGames. Players go through intense battles against each other, earning XP and Credits as they progress. One of the best ways to have an advantage in battle is by performing the super jump glitch. This powerful technique will allow you to leap above your opponents and prepare for a parry from your enemies.

How do you super jump in Combat Warriors?

Super jumping can be accomplished by dashing and then spinning mid-dash. You'll need to have your camera spinning as quickly as possible, not spinning your character. If you do it correctly, your character should be launched high up in the air, giving you the ability to get to difficult-to-reach locations on some maps. You may also want to install an FPS unlocker and set your mouse sensitivity to as high as possible because it'll make it much easier to spin the camera and super jump.

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