Anna's Best Class in Fire Emblem Engage

Anna's Best Class in Fire Emblem Engage ...

Anna appears to be one of the spoiled characters in Fire Emblem Engage. She starts at level one around Chapter 7, wielding an Axe that can barely defeat the enemies on her own paralogue. It's possible that leaving her on the bench might be a mistake, since a simple class change will turn her into a powerhouse by the end of the game.

In Fire Emblem Engage, what should players reclassify Anna?

Anna is a superb Mystical unit for Fire Emblem Engage. Both her Magic and Speed growth rates are 50%, which is significantly higher than her pitiful 15% Strength development. After Chapter 8, players may use one of those Second Seals to transform Anna from an Axe Fighter to a Mage.

Anna does not require a Magic proficiency to change her class to Mage. Therefore, players should increase her bond with the Celica ring to level 6, which only requires 500 Bond Fragments.

When Mage Anna reaches level 10, there are two Advanced classes players should consider promoting into: Sage and Mage Knight. Anna will eventually have a huge Magic stat in either class, as well as Levin Sword access, whereas Sage can boost her Magic stat even more when she is around other Magic users.

This decision will likely depend on the individual player's team composition. If the player is using a lot of tome users (Celine, Citrinne, Ivy, etc.), they might want to consider Sage for Anna. Otherwise, Mage Knight will provide Anna with some additional mobility along with her kill potential.

Anna may actually excel as a Bow Knight. She will not gain access to Radiant Bow, an incredible powerful Magic bow, as her Speed growth will also rise to 70%.

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