When will the Hotel+ Update be released in DOORS? Roblox is a web application that allows users to download and play files

When will the Hotel+ Update be released in DOORS? Roblox is a web application that allows users to d ...

After The Mimic and Apeirophobia, another horror/survival-style experience has made its mark on the Roblox platform, DOORS, which has grown to be the second fastest Roblox experience to exceed one billion visits in its first three months of being active. Players must navigate through and escape a haunted hotel by sneaking, sprinting, solving puzzles, and, most importantly, avoiding monsters.

What is the expected release date for the Hotel+ Update in DOORS?

Fans have been wondering when the Hotel+ Update will be released, since it was announced in November 2022, and because there is no official release date. So when will it be released?

Fans may be closer to the Hotel+ Update's release date than they expected, according to LSPLASH in a YouTube Community post on January 23, 2023. The update is expected to be released sometime before the end of the month.

"We've recently begun playtesting the upcoming DOORS update...working on bugs, polishes, and animations. The majority of the content is already done, so there's no need to make you wait any longer."

In this same article, LSPLASH also mentions that the Hotel+ Update will likely be broken into two parts, with the second part expected to be released sometime in February 2023.

"I do want to mention that we're saving some information that was originally intended for this update for another (would arrive shortly after this update, most likely around February), because we either couldn't get it done in time or just weren't satisfied with some of it. [That way], instead of getting all of the content in one day, and then having to wait months for the next floor, you get another update quickly after. I think it's for the best."

The Hotel+ Update will be released either the weekend of January 28, 2023 or February 4, 2023, according to this message and the tweet posted on January 24, 2023.

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