Forspoken statistics and what they mean

Forspoken statistics and what they mean ...

Forspoken is a fantasy game with a strong RPG component. Once you've started playing, the game will throw a lot of numbers at you, without much explanation of what each statistic does and why it's important for gameplay. Some statistics, like Health and Stamina, are quite straightforward, while Magic and its various colors are somewhat more nuanced.

All Forspoken Statistics Explained

Frey's overall health points are represented in this stat. They represent the total amount of damage she can recover before she dies.

Frey is capable of running in Magic Parkour for longer periods of time thanks to increased points in this stat. Additionally, he can also dodge more enemy attacks.

Frey's resistance to hostile damage is governed by defense points. The more points she has in this stat, the more impervious she becomes to all damage.

Frey's health bar is determined by how much health she restores when she uses a healing potion from equipment or a Healing Draught. More points in this stat mean Frey gets her health bar up quicker.

Frey's Red Magic powers are increased by points in the Red Magic stat. More points here mean that her fire-based Red Magic powers are more powerful and damaging.

Frey's water-based Blue Magic power and damage increase by Blue Magic stat points.

Purple Magic stat increases Frey's earth-based magic by points.

Frey's Electric-based magic damage will increase as Green Magic stat points.

In Forspoken, how do you boost your stats?

Forspoken may be an RPG game at its core, but it does not provide players with the usual skill tree and progressions. You will need to acquire equipment such as Cloaks and Necklaces, which you may use to boost some of your stats via the crafting system.

  • Health: you can upgrade Frey's Health by getting the Vivify spell and then using materials to increase her Health stat on necklaces.
  • Defense: spend Mana on Fortify spell in the Blue Magic tree to increase Frey's Defense on Hooded Cloak and Necklace.
  • Magic: the way to upgrade all four Magic stats is to get Amplify spell in the Red Magic tree. This spell will allow you to increase theMagic stat on your Hooded Cloak.

As you advance in the main Forspoken storyline, you will need to upgrade and craft your gear. Feathers are a rare resource that increases your capacity to carry spare materials with you in the long run.

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