Slap Battles Roblox's How To Get The Lone Orange Badge

Slap Battles Roblox's How To Get The Lone Orange Badge ...

Slap Battles is a player-versus-player game that involves using a wide range of gloves, all with their own unique abilities, to defeat and slap the mess out of everyone in your path! Along the way, you may even earn a few badges, some of which are hidden!

In Slap Battles, how do I earn the The Lone Orange badge?

Although it is technically a secret, it is one of the easiest badges to acquire in the entire experience—if you're having trouble getting it, you're probably looking in the wrong place! Once you've spawned into Slap Battles, choose any glove of your choosing and enter the Normal Arena.

Adjust your camera/move your Robloxian around until you see an island floating in the air. There should be an overhanging chain connecting the floating island to the one you're currently standing on.

To reach the floating island, grab the chain carefully and proceed up the climb.

Once you've made it to the island, walk toward the large tree at the back of it. This tree should be a small orange.

The Lone Orange badge will be activated by clicking on this orange. That's all there is to it!

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