Destiny 2's economic transformation is being aided by Lightfall

Destiny 2's economic transformation is being aided by Lightfall ...

The good news keeps pouring in ahead of the release of Destiny 2's next expansion, Lightfall. Bungie has promised a slew of new features with the release of the anticipated expansion, and it appears the studio is living up to its word.

Lightfall's Economy Changes in Destiny 2

The Guardians will get a makeover at the end of February when they travel to Neomuna on Neptune. The team announced several changes to the sci-fi looter shooter in a blog post. The majority of the changes revolves around the various economies in the game.

Ada-1 will now be selling shaders with three rotating each week, as well as Nightfall weapons and armor. The Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit will all offer legacy gear focusing, as well as a whole array of weapons and armor.

Final touches on Osiris are being added to the game, as well as tapping into the legacy focusing. To help offset this influx of materials and glimmer, overall costs are being reduced, and if Guardians had previously acquired the gear, it would be half as much to focus it.

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