How do I get my Warframe account to Twitch?

How do I get my Warframe account to Twitch? ...

There are a variety of reasons for you to want to connect your Warframe account to Twitch. It may be to stream content, or it might be to get some free rewards or Warframe Twitch drops.

In Warframe, how do I get free Twitch drop rewards?

If you linked your Twitch account before February 2021, you would have to link it again. Twitch has dropped 2.0 since Digital Extremes reintroduced it. So, any account synchronization made during that time is now invalid. So you will have to log in again.

All you have to do is go to the Warframe Twitch Account Link page and log into your Warframe account with your credentials, and it will take you to Twitch, where you must also log in. Simply grant access when asked to be connected.

Because the developers upgraded the Twitch drop mechanism, your Warframe account would no longer work. Therefore, you need to remove the old Warframe link on Twitch and log in again.

You must first go to the Warframe unlink page and delete your previous Twitch account from it. Next, go to the Twitch connections page and clear your Warframe connection by clicking Disconnect. After disconnecting and unlinking your previous accounts from Warframe and Twitch, re-link them through Warframe Twitch Account Link.

It's a quick process that allows you to get free loot in Warframe thanks to Twitch Drops 2.0, so it's definitely worth following up on.

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