How to Get Bonelab Mods on Quest 2 and PC

How to Get Bonelab Mods on Quest 2 and PC ...

Bonelab is a popular VR game developed by Boneworks. The game is somewhat like a sandbox, but players can pick what they want to do. Fortunately for the players, Bonelab supports many mods that can modify the game to their liking.

How to Get Bonelab Mods on PC and Quest 2

Mods for anything are available. Custom avatars, maps, guns, and every other object in the game. The most common way to download Bonelab mods is through the website, whether you're using the PC or Quest 2.

Visit and click browse games, search for Bonelab, and find the mod you want to download. If you're downloading the mod for Quest 2, choose Android, and if you're downloading it for PC, choose Windows. There you'll find a link, just click it, and the mod will start downloading.

If you're installing Bonelab on a PC, you'll need to locate the Bonelab mods folder. For this, go to Run and type %appdata%, or just go to C:Users[username]AppDataLocalLowStress Level ZeroBONELABMod, and paste the unzipped mod file there.

If you want to use this mod on your Quest 2, connect it to your Quest 2 with a USB-C cable. Go to the mod folder at ThisPCQuest2InternalsharedstorageAndroiddatacom.StressLevelZero.BONELABfilesMods and paste the unzipped mod file there.

After that, simply launch Bonelab on your PC or Quest 2, select Mods, and then Downloads on the main menu. You will be asked to allow the use of mods; simply accept, and you're done.

The best Bonelab mods

The best Bonelab mods include the GTA Vice City and San Andreas maps, LabWorks, which is planning to adapt the Bonelab campaign to a sequel, and a few avatar mods such as the Iron Giant and Titanfall 2 avatars.

Bonelab has a wide variety of mods. Some are compatible with PC and Quest 2, others are not. So, if a mod doesn't work, try another.

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