In WoW Dragonflight, how do I get to participate in the Community Feast?

In WoW Dragonflight, how do I get to participate in the Community Feast? ...

The Dragon Isles are entering a new era of events in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. However, some optional fun events (like the Community Feast) are a great way to strengthen your connections with the Tuskaar of the Dragon Isles. Here's how you can join in.

Joining the WoW: Dragonflight Community Feast

Every three and a half hours, there's a chance to participate in a community feast. These events take place in Iskaara, which can be accessed from the southwest section of Azure Span. If you're already in Iskaara, you'll receive a notification 15 minutes before the event begins, so it's pretty hard to miss.

First, you'll need to be Renown 3 in the Iskaara Tuskaar quests to access the first Tuskaar village quests. The most difficult part is acquiring the 2,500 reputation points required to join the feast. Go on the quests in Iskaara to increase your renown level.

Go to Iskaara and ask Chef Big Nook to give you a list of tasks to complete in order to assist him with his soup. Each task completed will earn 25 reputation points. Pleeqi (who hangs out next to the soup pot) rewards you for every five tasks.

Rewards from the WoW: Dragonflight Community Feast

If you complete the weekly soup quest, you'll earn 500 reputation points among the Tuskaar. You'll also receive the Supply-Laden Soup Pot, which can award different rewards, like Gral's Reverence recipe. Bisquis is a valuable resource that you can loot once a day for rare reagents. You can also earn the Leftover's Revenge achievement by showing off Big Kinook's Spare Ladle as a staff weapon.

After you complete the event, you may eat the soup, resulting in the Spirit of Sharing buff. This buff increases your battlefield strength and boosts your health when you kill adversaries.

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