In Slap Battles Roblox, how do I get the Savior badge?

In Slap Battles Roblox, how do I get the Savior badge? ...

Slap Battles is a player-vs.-player game that involves using a wide variety of gloves, all with their own unique abilities, to defeat and slap the mess out of everyone in your way! Along the way, you may even earn a few badges, some of which are secret!

In Slap Battles, how do you get the Savior badge?

Before we go into the details, it's important to mention that you must have the Swapper Glove unlocked and equipped. This glove may be purchased for 420 slaps.

Walk through the red portal at spawn to be teleported to the Normal Arena with the Swapper Glove.

You must save someone from the goodness of your heart in order to unlock the badge, according to the description. You must find a player who has fallen off, or been slapped off, the map, and exchange places with them before they die, simply walking off the edge of the map when you're nearby.

If you can use your ability the second they walk off, press E to activate your ability. If done correctly, you should be able to change places with them, bringing them back up to the island and causing you to fall off.

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