Fans want Chloe Grace Moretz to play Supergirl

Fans want Chloe Grace Moretz to play Supergirl ...

Kick-Ass 2 is a sequel to Kick-Ass.

Fans would like to see Chloe Grace Moretz in the DCU. She appears to be open to joining the DCU or the MCU. However, in a minor twist, she wants to be a villain. This kind of rule out a chance at playing Supergirl.

Although, she may be unsure that this role is appropriate for her. This would make sense because there is a younger Superman coming in. Any serious age disparity between Supergirl and Superman would be noticed by the fans. It's a sure bet that they'll continue to talk about it until something goes their way or something goes wrong.

Chloe's pictures online depicting her as Supergirl are incredible, and it's easy to imagine that she would embrace this kind of role. After all, she's already played a masked vigilante in the two Kick-Ass films, so it's fairly easy to envision her taking on a second role.

If she wants to play the role of a villain, there are also plenty of roles for her to accept. It's difficult to know whether or not the DCU will offer her such a role.

DC Comics has given credit to the group.

Chloe is interesting to think of in a depraved role.

Chloe's journey towards becoming a hero is roughly the same as hers. However, seeing her swing in the other direction to become a villain is interesting to think about. However, who she would portray is difficult to figure out. There are a lot of roles that wouldn't work that well in the real world.

However, there are several roles that she may accept. One of the things about comic book movies is that there is no shortage of material to use. The list of characters that Chloe might successfully portray is long. Of course, the fact that she has stated that she will join the MCU as well is interesting to consider.

Both camps have a lot of anti-heroes, not to mention a lot of villains. Trying to imagine her in one role or another is easy, depending on who they are. However, thinking of a specific role and how she might fulfill it is a little harder.

Supergirl's role is very similar to that she's played previously.

Hit Girl attempted to fight for the right side of the law. Being a vigilante was an interesting role since she could combat crime from a different perspective. They are usually hated by criminals as well as the actual authorities. Chloe managed to make this character seem tough enough.

She gave Hit Girl a common appearance and attitude that was dragged down at times. Instead of being a badass all the time, she managed to at least try to fit in with other kids in the second film. Still, it was interesting to see the struggle between being a hero and a common citizen.

Kick-Ass 2 is a sequel to Kick-Ass.

Chloe's behavior on screen is something that piques the need for a different character.

Chloe doesn't appear to be the kind of hero who is bound to do everything in the most legal way possible. In fact, a lot of her roles involve her playing a woman who isn't bound to be as nice as possible. However, she'd rather take on a character with a great deal of attitude and looser morals when it comes to killing.

She is quite likely to end up being much more enjoyable in a role she's developed an interest in. A villain or an antihero would work fine for both the MCU and the DCU, although some people may need to suck it up and accept it.

Supergirl isn't the highest-ranking person around, but she's not an antihero either.

For many reasons, Supergirl isn't exactly the best antihero. If Chloe did take this part, it would certainly not be the easiest challenge in the world. Could she play the character? Probably.

Is she the right fit for the character? It's hard to know for sure. All that can really be said is that the fans want this to happen, so there's always a chance that it might happen. It's also dependent on how much faith James Gunn and Peter Safran have in such an idea.