Gabrielle Union Could Play 5 Star Wars Characters

Gabrielle Union Could Play 5 Star Wars Characters ...

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People will start yelling about them whenever an actor declares that they want to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars. However, this leaves a lot of people wondering what role she would be able to take on, given that Disney has a lot of Star Wars projects on the way.

Gabrielle Union might play five roles in a Star Wars film.

5.Nomi Sunrider

Since Nomi Sunrider was created as a white character, she is a fairly straightforward figure to follow, since she went through the Sith War. This character might also be able to assist in the evolution of the Jedi Order.

4.Darth Talon

Darth Talon does belong to the Legends canon, but that hasn't stopped Disney from cherry-picking certain elements that have been included in the Legends for the last several years. She's also one of those who might be quite attractive in a way since she's always willing to fight. Despite the gritty realism that has developed in recent years, this isn't too far off.

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3.Imperial Officer

Gabrielle is not at all difficult to imagine wearing an Imperial of First Order outfit and rock the look, especially since, at her current age, it would be nice to include her in a few different roles that would allow her to be taken seriously and appreciated by the audience.

2.Dark Jedi

It would not necessarily be a Sith since it may appear that the Mouse House is attempting to instill other types of Force-users into the franchise. However, it might be possible that she may be able to play a Jedi who had lost trust and had been in hiding for so long that she had turned her back on the order, but not the Force. This kind of dynamic between a former Jedi and the Force might be fascinating to watch since it is shown in the comics and in the books, but it might also introduce

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1.Freighter pilot

To be honest, this is a fairly basic job, but it's still one that's extremely important since freighter pilots are among the most interesting characters in this franchise, given that they interact with so many different creatures and beings. Plus, Han Solo, despite being a smuggler and a rogue, was also technically a freighter pilot in some ways or another.