Jason Momoa Is Teasing a Big Secret for the DCU

Jason Momoa Is Teasing a Big Secret for the DCU ...

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Jason Momoa is revealing a key truth about the DCU. Unfortunately, people are not aware of it yet. Peter Safran and James Gunn want to make announcements when they are ready. It appears like Momoa is prepared to take on whatever the secret is.

Many people are eager to learn that Jason Momoa will take on the role of Lobo in the DCU. It's fair to say that he has the looks and acting ability. Some people want to see David Harbour in this role, but at the moment, it's unclear what's going to happen.

Aquaman will undergo a number of changes, and it's reasonable to expect that a lot will happen that people aren't aware of. However, with the introduction of a younger group of actors to play several of the main characters, one can anticipate that the DCU will undergo a lot of changes as well.

Everyone is still interested in seeing who he will play in the upcoming DCU. Hopefully, the fans will get to find out what's going on sooner rather than later.

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Momoa might as easily crush Lobo.

Momoa is already in the DCU, so it makes sense to utilize the talent that exists already there rather than find someone else. However, there is still an argument for bringing someone else in.

In several films, his attitude makes a case for his role as Lobo. From Sylvester Stallone to Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, he knows how to be tough. His role as Aquaman is equally effective.

Momoa just appears to be a tough person, even if he is described as a nice guy. He can put his head to the grind and begin growling as he needs to to make a role work. Lobo seems to be the ideal character for him.

It's an interesting thought who's going to take over Aquaman.

Momoa's decision to portray Aquaman was enough to enthuse a lot of people, but it was a surprise. Considering who would fill this position, whether they be a Caucasian or a person of color, is interesting.

Jason has managed to defy this role in a few ways, not the least of which is bringing his own flair to the character. It's still a question of who is worth the risk.

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It's a chore to see Momoa as any other person.

There are bound to be a few more roles that Lobo may take on. It’s hard to say who they might be. One thing that is certain is that he must be used as a strong and even ruthless character. That’s why Lobo feels so accurate, as this role would require him to do exactly what he has done before, and even more of it.

There are other great, savage characters that he might be able to portray. The upside is that whoever he plays will be recognized. Some people may think that seeing him as someone else might not be as effective.

Jason's charisma is adequate enough to warrant a few less-than-stellar film reviews here and there, but it's nonetheless a bold statement.

The DCU might have a huge year in 2023.

There's a lot on the way. It's quite probable that Gunn and Safran will be busy for a while. The changes will also surprise more than a few fans along the way. Unfortunately, continuing the DCEU seemed to be the idea.

The DCU is still in the planning stage at this time. Gunn and Safran will do everything they can to ensure that the DCU will remain in place for a while. Momoa isn't sure what will happen, but it already feels like it will be exciting.