The Origin of the Cloverfield Monsters Has Finally Been Revealed

The Origin of the Cloverfield Monsters Has Finally Been Revealed ...

The sudden appearance of the Cloverfield monster's true origin is almost as shocking as the movies. With renewed interest in his work, it might make sense for Reeves to investigate the historical context of his 2008 film and the franchise's sequels.

Matt Reeves revealed that the monster is not just an alien, but, more astoundingly, a baby: speaking to SyFy for Cloverfield's 15th anniversary

The film takes on a slightly different tone as the creature causes massive chaos and destruction throughout the cinematic New York City.

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The Effects of Cloverfield's Monster Being a Baby On The Movie

The fact that the baby alien in Cloverfield is a baby means that it isn't lashing out in anger, but rather is acting out of fear. Sadly, its size and appearance enrage many people.

The fear that some animals have acquired can quickly become dangerous. A wild animal that is scared can do a lot of harm to others and itself. A single wrong move can literally destroy a structure. The fact that it went about its thing simply reacting is terrifying.

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The Cloverfield Monster's Origin Changes The Next Sequel

Cloverfield 4 is coming to an end, and given that the monster is so tough it's fair to say that it's unlikely to last many films. With two sequels already under the Cloverfield franchise's belt it's no surprise that the franchise is still expanding—franchises are the name of the game today. However, returning to the same monster for Cloverfield 4 has very different implications.

If Cloverfield's monster was always an alien monster, then it has become a result of its actions on Earth, and humanity's fearful reaction has to be seen as at least partially to blame for its future actions. Alternately, Cloverfield 4 might encounter the greatest threat to Earth from the alien yet, because the alien's family hasn't arrived yet.