In the Michonne spinoff, Rick may turn Heel

In the Michonne spinoff, Rick may turn Heel ...

The Walking Dead is credited.

Rick Grimes might be a heel in the Michonne spinoff. The odd thing is that a lot of people are surprised by it. Rick Grimes has been a hero at times, but he's also done several shady things during his time in The Walking Dead. The hero role that was handed to a lot of people in this show was unsuitable.

Many things change in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is the primary objective. He even upheld many of them when life ended, but things changed. He tried to stay true to his old lawman habits.

Rick is still out there, according to the final clips that were shown in season 11. Many people believe that Rick will experience a heel turn in the future. His time in the Civil Republic Military, or CRM, is believed to be the reason he will fall.

The Walking Dead has given credit.

Rick has been cruel before.

The Walking Dead's world had little, if any, rules that were not created out of necessity. Any rules that existed during the world of before were thrown out the window until people established that various rules were needed. Some characters did not even follow these rules. However, Rick kept his distance.

Rick has never been a saint, but he has tried to be a good guy for most of the show. Unfortunately, Rick's arguments have fallen short over the years.

He has done several inappropriate things that have made it clear that his character has subsided. However, up until Alexandria, he was justified in attempting to keep his people safe. The necessary brutality hasn't always been pleasant, but for others, the prospect that he'll get worse is difficult to believe.

Rick's redemption will be helped by Michonne.

Michonne has been Rick's main support system for a while. His mental state hasn't been all that great at times. However, she's managed to get him back on track.

It's fair to assume that her interaction with the CRM will be less than friendly. However, the general feeling is that she'll need to do more than just act like a living buzzsaw in the past. Some situations call for more than a slice-and-dice maneuver, although she's competent at it.

At the moment, how this will go down is anybody's guess. But seeing Michonne as Rick's failsafe and a main character makes her character arc a little more interesting.

The Walking Dead has given credit for this film.

Many believe that this will increase the likelihood of Rick versus Negan being compared.

Many viewers of the program were surprised by the fact that Rick and Negan seemed to be complete opposites. Rick tried to save his people and keep them safe, as did Negan. Sadly, Negan kept his people in line through fear and a skewed sense of order that echoed the world before.

Rick would become more brutal with each new situation. He justified his actions in many ways and made compromises to keep people alive. The fear that the CRM will indoctrinate and/or change him is too strong to ignore. It may be Rick's way of escaping or bringing the CRM down.

Despite the fact that Rick is bound to be hurt, it does feel like he will become more brutal in his methods. It does feel like a natural progression.

The extent to which Rick might become brutal is something to think about.

Rick has already demonstrated how tough he can be. He's killed individuals without hesitation and even used deceptive methods to obtain what he wants. Many people want to see Rick as the hero, but perhaps this coming program will reveal that he does possess an element of brutality that hasn't been seen yet.

With Michonne in his side, that makes his character a little more interesting. He's just as prone to anger as anyone. However, he'll have a way to redeem himself.