What Happened To Monday in a Movie Recap

What Happened To Monday in a Movie Recap ...

What Happened to Monday?

What Happened to Monday is a documentary about a world that was overpopulated. To combat the problem of overpopulation, the Child Allocation Bureau was established and mandated a one-child approach. If one parent had (or was discovered having) more than one child, the second-born and all succeeding children would be taken away to be cryogenically frozen. They would be released in birth order once the living one had died.

What Happened to Monday?

The young septuplets

Karen Settman died after giving birth to septuplets (seven children born at one birth). The children's grandfather, Karen's father, named them after each day of the week, but only allowed them to leave their homes on the day of their names, so that the next in line would repeat the impression. One day, while not on her turn, Thursday went skateboarding. She accidentally cut her finger, forcing the other six to cut their fingers separately.

What Happened to Monday?

As adults, we are all a little different.

Monday, who was Karen for the day, was going to work and was preparing for a promotion presentation, passing through the checkpoint officer Adrian while on the way. Jerry, a competitor for promotion, rode the elevator with her and hinted at the possibility of extortion.

The remaining six were concerned because Monday did not go home that day. However, she was captured by the C.A.B. officers. Adrian saw him at the headquarters. Tuesday met Nicolette Cayman, the chief of the Bureau and vying for a Parliament seat. Cayman told her that she already knew the truth about her siblings. Cayman then ordered the C.A.B agents to slaughter all of Tuesday's siblings.

Karen's eyeball was used to bypass the retinal scanner, and the agents raided their house. The agents fought with the sisters, but Sunday died in the struggle.

Wednesday's turn the following day, and she confronted Jerry for the suspicion that he had revealed the truth about them. Karen was promoted because she gave a lot of money to support Cayman's campaign. A sniper killed him, and Wednesday fled.

Adrian showed up at the apartment looking for "Karen." Thursday assumed that he had an affair with one of them, so she encouraged Saturday to go along with him and collect information. While she was in there, Friday hacked into the Bureau's systems and discovered that Monday was in a holding cell. Wednesday was killed at this point somewhere. On the other hand, while revealing to others that Monday had a relationship with Adrian, Saturday was murdered by the agents.

The officers re-arrested the residence once more, and to allow Thursday to flee, she blew the house up, killing her and the officers.

Adrian learned of the fire in the apartment, and he went for "Karen." Thursday caught him there and blamed him for the deaths of the other siblings. At that moment, "Karen" was not a single person, but seven different people, although he was only in love with the first one, Monday.

Thursday was put in a bag at the C.A.B. headquarters. She recorded a video of the freezing process and discovered the truth that the process was not incineration but freezing. When it was her turn to be "frozen," she attacked the scientists and went looking for her siblings.

Monday revealed to them that Monday betrayed them. The latter emerged victorious in a fight that ended in a shootout. At Cayman's presentation, dressed up as Monday, she presented the video he had about the freezing. This shocked the attendees and tarnished Cayman's reputation. Monday came to the scene, and a shootout took place.

Monday revealed that she sold out her belongings because she had children with Adrian in her final moments.