Did Bridget Fondas' car accident cause her to step back from Hollywood?

Did Bridget Fondas' car accident cause her to step back from Hollywood? ...

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Bridget Fonda had everything she wanted to be a Hollywood actress. She had a husband who adored her and a family name that drew her respect. Why did she leave it all behind to vanish into the sand? It may seem like a dream come true, but the grass is not always greener.

Bridget Fonda was a well-known actress at the age of five, and she never had an inch of privacy in her life. To make matters worse, the car accident she was involved in left her broken, upset, and in great agony. Is it the reason she left Hollywood and went into hiding, or was it something entirely different?

A Charmed Life

Many people compared her to Henry Fonda, her daughter of Peter Fonda, and Jane Fonda's niece. She had no problem going anywhere without being recognized. She could not imagine anything wrong with her. Her personal life was everyone's business. Her acting was everyone's business. She was never harmed by anyone.

Fonda was pushed to be happy, talented, and wealthy, yet her life was often a disappointment from the outside. She was criticized constantly, and leaving the house meant putting on a show for the media. She was constantly looking forward, but her life was not always as smooth from the outside in.

Bridget Fonda's Angry Car Accident

Bridget Fonda was driving her Jaguar on the PCH when she lost control of her vehicle. She was not drinking or using drugs at the time of the accident, and she was not doing anything wrong behind the wheel. Sometimes, severe weather results in tragic accidents. When Bridget Fonda lost control of her Jag, she fell down an embankment, and it was a steep one.

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She suffered head and neck injuries, as well as a fractured vertebra, during her hospital stay, but she wasn't seen much after her accident. She returned to work mostly at home, and she didn't take a single role until 2002, when she was only 46 years old and went out on her birthday.

Bridget Fonda Has Chosen Her Family

Fonda married Oingo Boingo vocalist Danny Elfman in November of that year, and they have had one son together. Her husband had two daughters from a previous marriage. She and her husband adopted her only biological child in 2005.

Single White Female Credit

Bridget Fonda decided to focus on her family rather than her career when she was growing up? Did she wish she could have more of the same when she was growing up? Is there a chance she might want to do whatever she could to live a normal life and be present for her children when she had the chance? It is entirely possible that she went that route.