In King Legacy, how do you get to the Second Sea?

In King Legacy, how do you get to the Second Sea? ...

King Legacy is one of the most popular Roblox anime games inspired by One Piece. You can purchase weapons, defeat enemies, and most importantly, discover the many locations waiting for you in Roblox King Legacy.

King Legacy: How to Get to the Second Sea

To go further and discover these things, King Legacy requires you to get to the Second Sea. But first, you'll need a map. You'll need to go to War Island to begin your journey.

How to Reset King Legacy Stats

Talk to the NPCs until you get a quest to retrieve a map. You must go to Fishman Island and defeat a group of Fishman or Seasoned Fishman soldiers. Before long, one will lose the map. Return to the NPC on War Island and earn 100K Beli and 150K experience.

Note that you don't have to pay anything extra for using the map to get to the Second Sea, but you'll get free money and XP for as little extra effort.

The Elite Pirate is located on the Start Island's docks. When you talk to him, he will teleport you to the Second Sea. At that point, you may freely teleport between the two seas.

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