How to Restore PP Without Items in Pokmon Scarlet and Violet

How to Restore PP Without Items in Pokmon Scarlet and Violet ...

In Pokémon battles, players must always use items such as Ether or Elixir to restore PP during their battle. This has always been the case since Generation 1 and what we have seen since GameBoy Advance's Red and Blue. This is just one of the issues in battle to focus on in its turn-based combat system.

Restoring PP Without Ether

As Ether is indeed included in the game, this is of course the main method for players to restore their Pokémon's PP. Whilst you may also easily restore PP by visiting a Pokémon Centre and resting your Pokémon. This is not helpful if you are farming XP to level up your Pokémon or taking on many battles back to back.

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Scarlet and Violet have a trick in which players may restore PP before going into another battle with low PP. This process is simple but lengthy. By doing this, you will save both your items and turns that would normally be taken mid-fight. Instead of wasting your turn on either swapping out a Pokémon because you do not have Ether or using Ether to get PP back, follow these steps to restore PP.

  • First, click ‘X‘ to bring up your Pokémon Screen.
  • On the Pokémon whose PP needs restoration, go into ‘Check Summary‘ of that Pokémon.
  • Head onto their Move Set via right on the D-Pad.
  • Click ‘A‘ to Change Move Set.
  • Remove the specific Move that has or is running low on PP. It will ask if the move should be forgotten? Click ‘Yes‘.
  • Click to add a new Move and select from the Moves it can learn the exact Move that you originally had and since forgotten.
  • This will replenish this Move’s PP.

Final Point

By doing this you will save your items and time from teleporting to a Pokémon Centre. This is ideal when you are attempting to farm XP for your Pokémon in the wild between Gym Leader battles. This would have been appropriate for longer Gym Leader battles that have levels to them. You should have no trouble completing any battles if you don't want to.

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