World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Best Solo Classes

World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Best Solo Classes ...

World of Warcraft was a fantastic MMORPG experience that allowed players from all over the world to team up and complete quests, clear dungeons, and defeat powerful bosses. However, some fans of the classic solo RPG experience were left in the shadows of this famous team game so they have been searching for a suitable class to practice without anyone.

The situation hasn't changed till this day, and even though a large number of players enjoys teaming up in WoW, many prefer to play WoW Dragonflight solo. This is why we have decided to highlight some of the best solo classes that will allow you to enjoy WoW to the fullest.

Paladin is a marine hero.

The Paladin class has been popular among solo players for a long time. Unlike any other class, it is virtually unmatched. Defensive abilities such as Ardent Defender allow you to reduce all incoming damage by 20% for 8 seconds, but what's even more important is that an enemy attack that would normally be the killing blow would instead bring you to 20% of your maximum health.

Paladin's Lay on Hands is a terrific emergency heal option that heals you or an ally for the same amount as your maximum HP. In fact, this means you've got two lives, as you can go from 1% HP to 100% instantaneously, and most of your allies will experience the same effect.

The Paladin class is great for anyone who liked Crusader in Diablo 3, and you want a tanky build that will allow you to take less damage from all types of attacks, huge buffs, and crowd-control spells that clear waves of enemies.

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The Warlock has made a comeback.

Another great strategy for playing Dragonflight solo is to pick a Warlock. Warlocks are great for guiding large minion armies and dealing massive DoT damage in the same way.

Demonology Warlock is the place to go when it comes to summoning and mana regen spells. This build excels in single-target damage while clearing waves of enemies with minion cleave abilities. You will have high mobility and strong AoE nukes when you have a large enough mana pool.

Affliction Warlock is a second option for anyone who wants to be able to stand and fight many enemies without having to deal with overloaded DoT spells. Strong DoT spells that dash out Shadow damage will enable you to deal with strong bosses without any issues.

Warlock is for everyone who loves spellcasters and isn't afraid of some extra clicking and calculating throughout the gameplay.


The Priest is one of the most popular spellcasters currently in the game. This popularity comes from its incredible team play abilities such as buffing up ally damage and healing them. However, this doesn't mean that Priest can't be played solo.

If you choose a Shadow Priest you will realize that you can be a quite powerful solo player thanks to the Power Infusion spell, which speeds up your attack, spells, and regening resources. You will also need to rely on Devouring Plague, a damage spell that heals you in the process, making it a great survivability tool for a single player.

While you are still battling out a lot of damage, the Discipline Priest will allow you to use some powerful healing spells. With this Priest, you may even cast spells while moving around, which is vital for avoiding enemy damage in a solo play.

Druid is a demon.

Balanced Druid is able to do AoE damage and kill large groups of enemies using the Moonfire and Sunfire spell combo, which deals with 20% spell damage each. With Starfall, a non-channeled AoE spell that wipes out all of WoW, he can create a rain of devastating stars.

Guardian Druid will provide you a tanky experience with a large health pool and buffs like Ironfur that boost your armor. Damage will be dealt with Convoke of the Spirits, which allows Druid to cast multiple spells at the same time and deal significant damage.

Bear form is possible with Maul and Trash spells, the first being for single targets, while the second is an AoE attack against multiple enemies.

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The Demon Hunter is a demon hunter.

Due to their excellent damage output and excellent survivability and escape abilities, Demon Hunters are the most popular DPS class in Dragonflight. Blur is a defensive spell that has two advantages: it increases your chance to dodge attacks by 50% while decreasing all damage taken by 20%. This is further enhanced with Netherwalk, which reduces damage while increasing your movement speed by 100%.

Chaos Nova is the weapon of choice when it comes to damage dealing as it deals damage to all enemies near you while stuns them for 2 seconds. Soul cleave is a fantastic AoE spell that will even heal you when you use it, and you may pair it with Fel Devastation, which burns enemies in front of you, which has dealt fire damage.

In some classic single-player-only RPGs, Demon Hunter is probably the closest thing to a solo warrior. He can deal substantial damage, heal himself, and escape when necessary to reenter the game.

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