When Will Madden 23 Team of the Year (TotY) Be Released?

When Will Madden 23 Team of the Year (TotY) Be Released? ...

Madden Ultimate Team is a game that focuses on acquiring the best players you can afford to build your ultimate team. But once a year, Madden releases the best of the best in their Team of the Year. These are some of the most exceptional players with great stats to support them. EA also released a slew of new items. So, when can you grab yours?

When Will TotY Be Released in Madden 23?

The Team of the Year was stuffed with players who scored a 97 overall as the official Player of the Year in Madden 22. Fans voted on who would take the field on offense, defense, and specialists, and you might start collecting some of these players when the pack arrives. They were only available for a limited time, so you must log-in when the unit you want is available.

Is Ultimate Team a viable option in Madden 23?

Deebo Samuel may be purchased in the Training Reroll Packs, which will be available throughout the event. All other packs will be released in three-day increments, starting with Specialists and ending with Defense. The release date began on 1/25 and ended on 2/4.

Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for Madden 23's Team of the Year. No voting has been announced either, which might mean EA may return to picking players themselves rather than participating in a community vote.

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