How to Update Roblox on Mac

How to Update Roblox on Mac ...

If there are apps on the App Store that need to be updated, you may ascertain if they need to be updated with a fresh one on your Mac, if available. However, updating the game may be slightly different since the Roblox player can only be downloaded on the Roblox official website rather than the App Store. Follow the instruction below to update Roblox on Mac.

Step 1: Remove Roblox from your Mac

To update Roblox on Mac, you must first remove the current, obsolete version. Before doing so, ensure that it is completely closed out on your Mac. You can hold Alt + Cmd + Esc to see all of the running applications and Force Quit if necessary. You may also click on the Apple Menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

Open the Finder app and follow these instructions when Roblox is finished.

The outdated version of Roblox on your Mac will be deleted after following the above instructions.

Step 2: Download the Roblox installer for Mac on your computer.

After successfully disposing of the previous Roblox version on your Mac, you may now download and install the latest version. Open Safari or your preferred web browser and go to Follow the instructions below:

The Roblox installer for Mac will now be downloaded in.dmg format.

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Step 3: Get the latest Roblox version on your Mac.

Open Roblox's installer on your Mac from the Downloads folder or your desktop. Follow these instructions to install the latest Roblox version.

By launching a game on and clicking on Play, you can verify that you have now installed the most recent Roblox version on your Mac.

When I remove Roblox from my Mac, will I lose game data?

Roblox does not make you lose game data. Your progress on the game is stored on the cloud and on the game's servers. Because of this, your game data is always available online, so you can always have access to it whenever you need it. Additionally, you may play games on Roblox on any other device, as long as you use the same login.