Roblox Error 267: How to Fix It

Roblox Error 267: How to Fix It ...

The Error 267 that occurs on Roblox is usually caused when it detects illegal scripts within the player or the server. The error occurs when the game removes you from the server to safeguard your data.

Error 267 can also be a problem with a particular server, or simply due to a broken internet connection, outdated game files, or a firewall. Try these out, and you'll be hooked up to the game in no time.

Method 1: Check your internet connection.

Let's begin with the simplest and easiest way. If the error message "Disconnected: You were kicked out of the game" persists, you may want to start checking your internet connection first.

A ethernet cable connection is a great way to speed up and stabilize your internet connection. It saves you a lot of time and prevents your connection from becoming insecure.

Join another server in step 2 of this process.

If the issue persists and your internet connection is proven to be fast and reliable, you may want to consider joining a private server. You can do this by logging in at the main menu of the game.

After joining, you may leave and rejoin the server that you initially wanted to join but gave you Error Code 267. There's a good possibility that this will resolve the issue. You can also try joining just about any other server just to isolate the error.

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Check your browser for the third method.

Roblox is typically compatible with most browsers, but you should always use Google Chrome if you have it, as it is the recommended browser to use for the game due to its protection protocols, user interface, and other features.

It's also important to keep your browser up to date, as outdated browsers tend to cause the error among other possibilities.

Third-Party Extensions can be deactivated under Method 4.

If you play the game on a browser other than the Roblox Player, third-party browser extensions may also cause Error Code 267. Here's how to disable them on your Google Chrome browser:

Roblox: Reinstall Method 5

Error Code 267 is caused by corrupted files on your phone. Just delete it from your device, go to the official website, and install Roblox again, which is guaranteed to be the most current game with bug fixes. This restores the game in your device and any instances that caused the issue in your account in the first place.

Even after more than a decade since its initial release, Roblox remains to be an iconic game that has millions of regular users across the globe. It's now a platform of its own that players may use to create their own games and interact with other players.

The game is also available on several platforms: Windows, macOS, IOS, Android, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, all of which are supported by backward compatibility. This makes the community of gamers even larger, which is why fixing any errors you may encounter in the game is a breeze to deal with.