How to Beat Fast and Strong in Warzone 2 DMZ

How to Beat Fast and Strong in Warzone 2 DMZ ...

If you can complete all missions in time and get the hell out in one piece, Warzone 2 DMZ will provide a lot of rewards for you and your pals. Each mission will have its own clear win conditions and with time you will notice that some tasks are harder than others.

Many players have had to contend with the Fast and Strong mission, which had some very tough conditions that only a skilled strategist could accomplish. Read on to learn how to defeat the Fast and Strong mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

How Do You Complete Warzone 2 DMZ's Quick And Strong Mission?

The mission "Fast and Strong" requires that you and your team clear three strongholds in under 15 seconds each. So, even though clearing them isn't an impossible task by itself, the time limit is the one that is causing problems for most of the players.

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Get a stronghold keycard first, since all strongholds will be locked. Choose strongholds in less popular areas where you don't expect to meet other players looking for the same loot. This is important because strategizing for a successful 15-second run will take some time.

Go around the building and look for doors or other openings that allow you to see inside the structure. These exploits may be used to aid your team in preparing ahead of time to encounter each or some of the enemies or better kill them before the raid begins.

This strategy has a drawback: If you kill all of the enemies and then enter the building, the Fast and Strong mission will be lost. There must be at least one living enemy inside before you storm the building.

Remember to avoid minimizing team play. Once you are in the stronghold, communicate with your teammates and break up. This will allow you to be faster and also surround those annoying shield-wielding enemies and kill them quickly.

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