In a Dwarf Fortress, how do you grow your own Fungiwood?

In a Dwarf Fortress, how do you grow your own Fungiwood? ...

Dwarf Fortress is a game of improbability. You'll be spending a lot of time problem solving and getting past obstacles. If one of your obstacles is wood, you may be interested in learning that you may be able to grow your own fungiwood from the safety of your own cavern. However, this article will explain how to make your own fungiwood.

In the Dwarf Fortress, how do I grow fungiwood?

Fungiwood has no practical difference to regular wood, the only difference is how it grows. For this to work, you'll need to dig deeply.

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The first step is to design out the chamber where you'll grow your fungiwood. It must be a fairly large area that is at least three z-levels deep, although more may be required. Fungiwood will not grow on stone and will require soil to thrive.

After you have your chamber set up, all you have to do is wait. Floor fungus will spread on the soil. Eventually, that floor fungus will sprout little mushrooms or fungi. After a while, you will begin to see fungiwood trees form. At that point, fungiwood should be quite prevalent in your chamber and should be a reliable source of wood.

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