How to Fix Vander Not Leveling Error in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Fix Vander Not Leveling Error in Fire Emblem Engage ...

For, well, not dying later in the game, leveling up in RPGs is vital. The larger the character selection, the greater the chance you have to confront any situation that arises in your unit? Is it a gameplay mechanic or just a bug fix in Fire Emblem Engage?

How to Get Vander Not Leveling Errors Fixed

First, the bad news: There is no known remedy for Vander not leveling up in-game. That's a complete bummer, right? The good news is, this is not an error at all.

When you begin a game, you will face small enemies that, in the long run, do not pose a threat at all. However, when you do, you will get rewarded a small amount of XP, but that small amount is sufficient for you to progress from level 1 to level 2.

The amount of XP you will need to go up from level 40 to level 41 will be significantly higher. Moreover, the XP you earn by killing those minor enemies will be the same, but your bar will only fill up with 1 or 2% of its XP requirement.

Vander is indeed leveling up, but at a very slow rate. This is why you will have to proceed naturally throughout the story until you encounter enemies that will give him a fight. That way, this "error" will be resolved.

How to Use Vander Effectively in Fire Emblem Engage

So, that's all there is to it! I understand players being concerned about not being able to level up Vander, since he is a very solid character in the early game, but if you understand the FE traditions, then you will understand that this is all intentional. Just keep playing the game, and things will return to normal, at least on leveling up.

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