In World of Warcraft, how do you beat hard lock life? (WoW)

In World of Warcraft, how do you beat hard lock life? (WoW) ...

World of Warcraft is a massive game. Yes, I just discovered fire, the wheel, and the internet in one statement. But I mean it. Name a game that has survived as long as this game has. You can't, or maybe you can, but it is still popular among gamers. In this video, we will discuss how to defeat Hard Lock Life in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to Defeat the Life of a Hard Lock

You will need to go to Tyrhold, Thaldraszus, just before the lava fountain, where you will find the NPC Watcher Koranos. Talk to him and accept the quest. Two units will have security override discs that will open the forge. Two markers will appear on your map.

The first of the units on your right, the Maiden of Diligence, is to stun her and do all you can to avoid her bullets, while also avoiding her bullets. Once you have defeated her, you will get the Secondary Security disc. Return to Koranos and retrieve the discs, and you will complete the quest.

How to Win Timewarped Badges in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

If you defeat both Maidens, you'll earn 56 gold and 18 silver. Bring a couple of friends to collect the discs.

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