What does Minecraft Respiration Do?

What does Minecraft Respiration Do? ...

Most humans can only breathe underwater for about a minute, two minutes at the highest. In real life, it can be a hassle to have to continually search for air. Luckily, magic can oblige.

Respiration is a Minecraft enchantment that may be applied to armor pieces for a beneficial effect. Specifically, you may apply Respiration to any armor helmet or leather cap in order to increase the amount of time you can safely remain underwater without suffocating.

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Respiration increases your difficulty by an additional 15 seconds per level, allowing you to evade dangerous situations without having to take a breath.

As with any enchantment, you'll need an anvil or an enchanting table to enchant the one you want to your armor. Set it down, dip in some Lapis Lazuli to power it up, and insert the helmet/hat you want to enchant.

When you insert the gear, there will be three randomly-choiced enchantments. Hover over them to see which you want. When you see Respiration, click on it to pay the required EXP and Lapis Lazuli to apply the enchantment to your headwear. Remember, you can't use an enchanting table to add a new one. It's a job for an anvil and an enchanting book.

While a minute of breathing time may seem like a lot, if you utilize that time strategically, you can accomplish a lot more underwater without having to worry about constantly resurfacing for air.

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