In Disco Elysium, which archetype should you choose?

In Disco Elysium, which archetype should you choose? ...

The whole experience is custom so the game really feels like a "choose your own conclusion" novel where you'll decide how the storyline will unfold.

Nonetheless, your character will need to excel at certain personal qualities while missing out on others, and that’s where Archetypes come in. Read on to learn all about Archetypes in Disco Elysium and how to choose the correct one.

In Disco Elysium, How Do I Choose the Right Archetype?

When playing Disco Elysium: Thinker, Sensitive, and Physical, you will have three different Archetypes to choose from. There will be a fourth option of personalizing all of your personality traits, but you may go with that once you understand the three basic ones.

Disco Elysium Physical Copies are Coming to Nintendo Switches.

Your character will be more creative, more easily converse with information presented to him, and will be able to solve anything that requires logic. His only drawback would be the lack of empathy from other people. When using two Archetypes, you will get less information.

The Sensitive Archetype will assist you in reconnecting with yourself or Inland Empire, as it is referred to in this game. This is where your power lies when selecting the Sensitive detective. You will be able to obtain far more information from interviews and witnesses than any other Archetype.

Here, your intelligence skills will be deficient, and the information that you get from talking to other people will be your weakness as it is your strength, since they will often be the only source of information you can rely on.

The Physical Archetype will in short be the bad cop in the story. You will be proficient at manipulating fists and guns and you will have decent motor skills for everything that needs to be repaired or rebuilt from scratch. However, you will lack empathy or logical conclusions.

Picking the Custom Archetype option will allow you to learn whatever traits you want. Naturally, you will be limited with the amount of points you may use and will not be able to create an OP character in other games. This is great for players who like more freedom and usually spend more time making their characters.

As long as you balance things out, it's important to mention that the game isn't that difficult, and it will never penalize you or prevent you from completing any missions.

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