In Smite, how do you claim the temple of your self?

In Smite, how do you claim the temple of your self? ...

The time has come! Smite is officially ten years old, and as such, has been celebrating the event in many ways. Not only is a new version of Surtr now available, but also the possibility to claim your very own highly personalized video, honoring various milestones you may have encountered during your time with Smite.

In Smite, how do you get to claim the temple of you?

After you submit your email, you'll be asked to confirm your email and click "confirm" in order to receive your Temple of You video. You'll be able to share the video on social media as well as save it for historical and sentimental purposes.

Who is Surtr in Smite? Everything We Know So Far

From 2012 to today, the Temple of You video is tailored for every Smite player who has been on the game's journey. It highlights many achievements in the game, similar to Call of Duty's Warzone player videos.

Here are a few highlights from the videos:

  • When you first started playing Smite
  • The character you played as most and how many wins you got as that character
  • Your win rate overall
  • How many matches you’ve played in
  • The number of Gods that you’ve played as
  • Mastered Gods and your Mastery rate
  • Your most-played skin and how many matches it was used in
  • The player who was your biggest rival and the stats between your matches
  • Your biggest win plus the score, its mode, and the date of it
  • How much damage you’ve inflicted over your time with Smite
  • How much you’ve helped contribute to donations
  • How many hours of eSports were watched
  • The number of prizes won
  • The viewer points granted and your place among them

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