In Chained Echoes, How to Get into Phior Village of Lyehr

In Chained Echoes, How to Get into Phior Village of Lyehr ...

The secret Village is one of the many places where you will acquire one of the twelve Souls of Farnese. These are used to infuse with the Rusty Weapons of Chained Echoes. You will need to find the Flying Smithy and Blacksmith Vaehl, who will blend the Rusty Weapons and Souls of Farnese to create the Ultimate variation of the Arkant Archipelago. The other method is through a passage through water.

How to Get to Arkant Archipelago Village: L'yehr

The first approach to getting to the L'yehr Village is to climb up the Hermit Isle Base. This is done by recruiting members from different Regions, and this is where to find them:

  • Pavel – Located on the far south-west side of the Air Ship Map, away from the Island. There is a lone raft in the middle of the Ocean where Pavel can be found. (Rank 1)
  • Vesta – On an Island in the north-east side of Farnsport, located in a small Lake. (Rank 1)
  • Bao – Found meditating at the top of Mt. Rydell. (Rank 1)
  • Guy – Found at the far north side of Castle Wyrnshire, in the upper levels. (Rank 1)
  • Bernd – Located in a house to the right of the Teleport Crystal and bridge in Rockbottom. (Rank 1)
  • Deimsch – Found at the blacksmith house in Farnsport, right next to the outside furnace. (Rank 1)
  • Tehlla – Located on the west side of beach in Arkant Archipelago. (Rank 1)
  • Gormit – Far east platform of Hooge. (Rank 1)
  • Eddie – In the Air Ship, head to the western-side of the Map and look out for a passing Air Ship. Eddie is found here. (Rank 1)
  • Pignon – In Flower Fields of Perpetua’s Forest. Located in the water. (Rank 1)
  • Falora – At a pier on the south side of Hermit’s Isle. (Rank 1)

How to Get Every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes (Related)

  • Murchand -In Flandern, use the Teleport Crystal and head west. Murchand is found at the end of this west path from the Crystal. (Rank 2)
  • Bob – In Tormund’s Park. (Rank 2)
  • Archy – On an Island south-west of Shambala (use Sky Armor to get to it). (Rank 2)
  • Kayn – At north entrance of Farnsport. (Rank 2)
  • Linus – Found running around in Tormund Underground area (west side of the city). (Rank 2)
  • Thopas – On a north-east Island in Shambala. Looks like a Sova but is not one. (Rank 2)
  • Triony – Near Magnolia’s house in Farnsport, located on the wooden platforms fishing. (Rank 2)
  • Gimaj – Located in front of the Waterfall on the western side of Ograne Grottos. (Rank 3)
  • Zellor – Located in the Flower Fields of Perpetua’s Desert. Head east until you find the Campsite (Rank 3)
  • Bernd’s Ex-Wife – Go to Teleport Crystal in Rockbottom and head east, across the bridge. Go into the first house right next to the cart and barrel. (Rank 3)
  • Jack – The central area of Fiorwoods. (Rank 3)
  • Fridolyn – Located on the resort Island upon completing the Side Quest ‘A Little Vacation’. (Rank 3)

These members will help your Clan gain a better reputation by recruiting them. You may then proceed to the south-east part of the Arkant Archipelago where an underground entrance can be found. There is a guard at the entrance, but with your maximum rank of the Base you will be able to enter the Village.

The secret Mechant in Ograne Grottos east is accessible via the Whirlpool. From here, you must find the secret Mechant located inside the Nhysa Magic Academy. Then go to the north-west end of the Courtyard and enter the Elevator Room, which takes you to 1F. There is a note with the location of the Flying Smithy and the Key on the right-hand side of the elevator.

If you are going to the Baalrut Tunnels, head south from the entrance. The Merchant can be found here where you can obtain the Diving Bell. You must then take it to the Whirlpool and drop it off.

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