How to Find the 6th Chamber in Enter the Gungeon

How to Find the 6th Chamber in Enter the Gungeon ...

Enter the Gungeon is only five regular levels, or "Chambers." Does this not seem strange to you? That a game that is so strict to gun iconography would not emulate the classic six-shot revolver? Probably not. But here's how to find the 6th chamber in Enter the Gungeon.

How to Find the 6th Chamber in Enter the Gungeon

The Gungeon's 6th chamber is hidden behind the 5th chamber, the Forge, and the name is quite appropriate; there are no enemies from every single previous chamber of the Gungeon, as well as no shops or treasure rooms. This is a straight shot from the start to the end, where the master, the Lich, dwells.

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The question is, how do you get into the 6th chamber? The good news is that you won't get into Bullet Hell by accident. The bad news is that you'll have to put a lot of effort into it all the time. To mention nothing else, later times

The Convict, The Hunter, The Marine, and The Pilot will all have to be killed in order to enter the sixth chamber. After defeating the High Dragun, you must use the Weapon That Can Kill The Past on all four characters and defeat their unique bosses.

A big skeleton hand will emerge from a red portal on the platform right before the Gun and take you down to Bullet Hell the first time you reach the Aimless Void after killing the four main pasts. This step will happen automatically and unavoidably.

The red portal will reappear on the platform in the Aimless Void on all subsequent runs, whether you clear Bullet Hell or not, and the choice to enter Bullet Hell will be yours. Note, you can't enter Bullet Hell for the first time if you're playing Challenge Mode or Blessing Mode.

Bullet Hell isn't a fun place to be in, as you'd expect, but if you can endure its depths and defeat the Lich, you'll be on track to unlock the game's final and most powerful character.

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