Does Forspoken have a new game plus? Answered

Does Forspoken have a new game plus? Answered ...

If there is one thing that has become a popular role-playing game over the years, it is the new game plus mode. Forspoken is one of the many titles that includes this feature, and it is only natural to assume that it will include a new game plus mode. This guide will answer your question.

Is there a new game plus mode in Forspoken?

Forspoken does not have a new game plus mode as yet, which comes as a surprise considering the genre of the game. Some may be frustrated that they cannot go through Athia a second time with tougher enemies, but there is still plenty for you to do in Forspoken once you have completed the game. For starters, you can tackle the side content known as detours.

These detours include everything from defeating world bosses like the Altered Aiolornis or restoring an old fort. Each of these activities will earn you more gear like nails and necklaces or increase Frey's stats, so they are worth taking the time to complete.

How to Get the Savage Nail in Forspoken

Frey returns to the same areas you played through during the main campaign so that you may get rid of The Break once the game is completed. This part of the story also uses the time-travel mechanic used by the Monuments to Wisdom to replay boss fights.