In Forspoken Way, How to Defeat Lesser Deinosuchus

In Forspoken Way, How to Defeat Lesser Deinosuchus ...

Frey must confront a variety of bosses in the magical world of Athias. These range in size and difficulty, making each one a challenge. One you'll surely encounter while exploring is Lesser Deinosuchus, the boss of the Locked Labyrinth: East in the Barren Plains. Here's how you can defeat Lesser Deinosuchus in Forspoken.

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Tipps and Tricks for Lesser Deinosuchus boss

In the final room of the Locked Labyrinth: East dungeon, Frey will encounter Lesser Deinosuchus. It will always be swimming or occasionally diving underwater. It's not difficult to beat since Frey's magical spells can knock it down rapidly. However, if you don't pay attention it can cause serious damage.

Avoiding the water is always a top priority in this fight. Move around the rocky platforms and assault the creature from various angles. This is particularly helpful if you are not able to get close enough to Lesser Deinosuchus.

The less common Deinosuchus has some straightforward attacks to anticipate. It throws light discs like with its tentacles that can aim towards you, so you have to dodge them. After that, it will dive underwater and summon geysers around you. You can notice them when lights appear around Frey. Continue with your attacks until the boss returns.

Use the Disperse spell to assist you in battle. This also does a fair amount of damage to the boss and can quickly weaken him.

If you want to finish Lesser Deinosuchus while also completing the quest, you may want to move closer. Your reward here is the Orison Necklace.