In Hi-Fi Rush, how many chapters are there?

In Hi-Fi Rush, how many chapters are there? ...

Hi-Fi Rush is a funny adventure that involves you playing as Chai, a wannabe rockstar who has gotten a not-iPod inserted into his chest and a robotic arm to replace his broken one. However, how many levels are you going to encounter in Hi-Fi Rush?

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What are the limits of Hi-Fi Rush?

We have not completed Hi-Fi Rush yet, and there isn't yet a level select option. That being said, there is a clue in Peppermint's safe house, which you first get to after finishing the first level of the game, that may indicate how many total levels there are in the game. In the top right corner of the room, while you are taking a break from playing the main game, there is a board that will have graffiti you discovered throughout the levels pinned on it.

The game expects there to be nine total chapters, or tracks, as the game calls them, that make up the game. However, there may always be additional ones that aren't represented by this board at this time.

At least when we finish the main story, there is no level selection area as mentioned above. We expect one to be added to this article as soon as we complete the main story. At that point, we will update this article with a complete list of chapter names and give an estimate of how many levels you can expect to see.