How to Best Farm Coal in Disney Dreamlight Valley Best coal farming locations

How to Best Farm Coal in Disney Dreamlight Valley Best coal farming locations ...

Playing Disney Dreamlight Valley is a lovely, relaxing experience where you can farm, decorate, dress-up, or just chat with some of your favorite Disney characters... until you run out of supplies necessary to complete a current quest or craft a necessary item.

Coal is required not only for Cooking any of the game's recipes, but also for crafting many refined materials, including various Ingots needed to construct fences, furniture, pavement, and other functional items, and this is why you'll want to obtain it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Multiplayer, realms, and new characters form the Disney Dreamlight Valley's 2023 strategy.

Dreamlight Valley is one of the finest places to farm Coal Ore.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, coal ore is equally as readily obtained as any other resource: just go around the valley collecting minerals from the veins located in every direction, and you'll definitely end up with a decent amount.

When farming Coal Ore in Dreamlight Valley, you should consider the following three biomes: the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Dazzle Beach.

The three early biomes with only four additional items drop have made these early biomes the ideal locations to cultivate Coal Ore. Here are all of the possible mining drops in each of these biomes, as well as the locations of the mineral nodes in each of them:

Garnet, Shiny Garnet, Topaz, Shiny Topaz, Coal Ore, Stone, and Onyx are some of the possible drops.

Locations of minerals nodes:

Garnet, Shiny Garnet, Peridot, Shiny Peridot, Coal Ore, Stone, Onyx, and Other Potential Drops

Locations of the mineral nodes:

Aquamarine, Shiny Aquamarine, Peridot, Shiny Peridot, Coal Ore, Stone, Onyx, and Others Potential Drops

Locations of mineral nodes:

Mineral veins in later biomes, such as the Glade of Trust or Frosted Heights, have additional items on their drop tables, like Iron Ore, Gold Nuggets, and Crystals. While still necessary to gather for many quests and recipes, these drops get in the way when you're focusing on Coal Ore. Therefore, you'll want to stick to these recommended biomes in order to maximize your chances of getting Coal Ore.

With the help of your Disney companions, you'll get extra Coal Ore.

When your friendship bond with a valley resident reaches level 2, you'll be able to assign them a role. Roles include digging, fishing, foraging, gardening, and mining, and cannot be changed. No character is better at a particular role than another, so don't worry about leveling a particular character for this.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, what are roles and how should they be assigned?

If your companion is willing to give you a daily quest, you may choose to hang out with that character and, while doing so, your companion may loot an additional item once you gather with the selected role.

The bonus item gathered by your Mining companion will always be an additional piece of whatever you collected at the beginning of the mining process. However, you can choose which item you'll get last, but if you're mining in one of the three recommended biomes, you'll have the greatest chance of obtaining a piece of Coal Ore.

Supporting a small business by purchasing coal from Kristoff's Stall.

The quest "Village Project: A Mountain Man's Stall," which is related to Frozen's lovely mountain man Kristoff, will be available. Kristoff will set up a marketplace stall in the Valley and sell a randomly selected assortment of gatherable and crafted items. If Coal Ore is available, you can purchase up to five pieces from his Stall.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in Early Access, and its developers have been extremely responsive to player feedback. If the developers add more ways to earn Coal, we'll update this guide as well.