In Murder Mystery 2, how do you win as the Murderer?

In Murder Mystery 2, how do you win as the Murderer? ...

In Roblox Murder Mystery 2, your aim is to murder all innocents before the sheriff discovers who you are. This task is much easier said than done, especially when all innocents can attempt to become the sheriff when they are out. Here are some tips to assist you in accomplishing your objective as the murderer in MM2.

Roblox MM 2 cheats to win as the Murderer

In Murder Mystery 2, getting better as the murderer is mainly about building on some fundamental things. Here are four easy but useful tips to help you get from zero to being an absolute pro.

Before you start a game, ensure you have all of the necessary features (or abilities) installed. Different abilities can assist you in many ways, such as the Fake Gun perk, which allows you to use your knife as a weapon to deceive innocents, and the Ninja perk allows you to avoid making any noise when stabbing someone.

Experiment with different benefits and see which ones work best for you. However, the one thing that will guarantee success is X-Ray, which allows you to see through walls and uncover hidden innocents.

To be successful as the murderer in MM2, take the time to learn the layout of each map, including the locations of shortcuts and hiding spots. This will give you an advantage over other players and allow you to escape quickly when the sheriff is following you.

Roblox Murder Mystery 2's How to Win as the Sheriff

One of the best ways to win as the murderer is to be innocent. Act like one of the innocents and blend into the crowd. This bluff will make it easier for the sheriff to suspect you, and you can kill more people without being caught.

If you have already removed the sheriff, make sure to protect the gun from the drop — though, defending the gun and killing innocents at the same time is difficult because you can't move much. That's where throwing knives come in. To avoid that, try anticipating where others will move and throwing the knife ahead of them. It takes practice, but you will quickly master the predict-throw technique.