In Fire Emblem Engage, how do you cultivate gold?

In Fire Emblem Engage, how do you cultivate gold? ...

Gold is a constant worry for you and your party in Fire Emblem Engage. You'll need it to purchase various weapon upgrades, Donate to Elyos nations, and buy various items your party uses during battles. There are a few effective ways to make money while playing.

How to Quickly Get Gold in Fire Emblem Engage

The easiest way to keep Gold in Fire Emblem Engage is to go out of your way to participate in the Skirmishes. These will often appear as you complete Paralogue and Chapter missions, furthering the story. When they appear on the map, we recommend looking over the various requirements and difficulties of the encounter to ensure your party members are prepared to face these battles.

When does the Fortune Teller appear in Fire Emblem Engage?

If you don't succeed, you can start over with a better team. However, these will fade, but more spawn on the map in their place at different locations with different enemies. The primary opponent you want to track down in these encounters are the Silver and Gold Corrupted. These enemies drop gold when you defeat them, and the more you can walk away from to use at Somniel.

Make sure to check out the Donations board at the Bulletin Board in Somniel to increase your chances of discovering Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies. They also provide additional rewards at the end of the Skirmish, which might also be useful.

The next step is to ensure that Anna is included in your party whenever possible. Anna has a special ability called Make a Killing, which allows her to earn 500 Gold whenever she defeats a foe, but the effect is triggered based on her Luck. This effect will not always happen, but by leveling her up and making her a strong party member, she can become a valuable companion for your party.