In Hi-Fi Rush, how do I correct achievements that are not working?

In Hi-Fi Rush, how do I correct achievements that are not working? ...

Hunting achievements can be the whole reason why they pursue a game. A large part of the gaming community is interested in receiving that notification and their profile getting a bit more gamerscore. Unfortunately, some players playing Hi-Fi Rush have noticed they haven't been earning their achievements. Here are some suggestions to rectify the situation.

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How to Restore Hi-Fi Rush's Potential

If you are not getting any achievements in Hi-Rush, you should first completely restart the game and restart your system. If you are on Xbox X or S, select Quit (the three lines that appear) on the game tile, and make sure that it isn't in your Quick Resume library. When everything is clear, restart the game.

As you restart your console or PC, we recommend checking your internet connection. Achievements are tied to your connection, so make sure everything is working properly. Do a quick internet speed check, and if everything seems okay, you can rule out the issue.

There may be a chance that you are achieving the achievements but are just not getting the notification. If you have the Xbox app on your phone, you may check it out without the pop-up animation.

If nothing above has worked, please refer to the Xbox Server Status page. If any cloud service or other part of the Xbix service is down, you'll receive your achievements when it returns.

If none of the above works, please contact Xbox Support.