How to Discord Someone's Name:

How to Discord Someone's Name: ...

Discord provides a large amount of features to make communication in large groups and servers as easy as possible. A means of navigating through the various messages and highlighting those that you're attempting to speak with can greatly aid in this effort. Here's how to use it.

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Users in Discord are quoting via the included functionality.

Within Discord, there are two forms of built-in quote functions, without the need for mods or bots. Previously, users had to distinguish between single-line and multi-line quotes, but this has changed over the years. Quoting works much the same way as red text on 4Chan or replying on Reddit.

A new character will appear on the left side of the text field in a text forum when typing '>,' and then touch the space bar. This is how it will look in Discord. Users may choose to @ the person they are quoting for better organization, but it isn't necessary. To reply after using a quote within the same text field, press Shift + Enter, then backspace once to delete the quote from the new line of the text field.

Discord is a living platform, and many of the features that used to be done by bots over the years, such as quoting in text chat, are now available with built-in capabilities. Still, users may want to consider either creating a thread stemming from a specific message or directly replying to the message they wish to quote.