Tanta Cinta in Forspoken: Who is she?

Tanta Cinta in Forspoken: Who is she? ...

Frey Holland goes out of the usual world she's used to and into the land of Athia. Because of this, you'll be hearing about the four Tantas throughout the campaign. Cinta is noticeably absent from the world.

Where is Tanta Cinta in Forspoken?

Tanta Cinta was once a powerful woman who controlled the land, but she disappeared one day and hasn't been seen since. This information reveals that Cinta is somewhere hidden in the world of Athia. As you approach the first boss fight against Tanta Sila, you get some brief information from Cuff, who tells you that Cinta is the Tanta of love.

Tanta Prav is revealed to you in a video game. She turns out that she is Frey's mother, making her a Tanta. This is also how Frey is able to utilize the Tantas' magic. As you get to the end of the game, you learn more about Tanta Cinta and who she was before The Break occurred.

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Tanta Cinta is also the first fire-breathing dragon you encounter in the world, according to Frey, which gives further information once she knows who Tanta Cinta is. You may also obtain further information on Cinta's participation in The Break by completing the many detours in the game.