Answer to Wordle 588 (January 28) What is today's Wordle Answer?

Answer to Wordle 588 (January 28) What is today's Wordle Answer? ...

Each day brings a new challenge for Wordle players, in which they must guess today's Wordle answer, which is an English word with five letters. The letters will be highlighted in certain colors depending on how close you are to the correct answer.

At midnight local time, a new Wordle becomes available, and the daily answer is the same for all the players across the world. You may wish to see today's Wordle answer here.

What is today's Knotwords answer?

Today's Wordle Answer

  • The answer for Wordle today, January 28 (588) is FLIRT

If you wish to have more than one brainstorming session about Wordle today, you may also use the different Wordle archives prepared by different websites. One of Devang Thakkar's

  • Wordle 587 Answer (January 27) — WORRY
  • Wordle 586 Answer (January 26) — BEEFY
  • Wordle 585 Answer (January 25) — MAIZE
  • Wordle 584 Answer (January 24) — COUNT
  • Wordle 583 Answer (January 23) — ELUDE
  • Wordle 582 Answer (January 22) — MATEY
  • Wordle 581 Answer (January 21) — BLURB
  • Wordle 580 Answer (January 20) — ALTER
  • Wordle 579 Answer (January 19) — MUCKY
  • Wordle 578 Answer (January 18) — CHARD
  • Wordle 577 Answer (January 17) — ADOPT
  • Wordle 576 Answer (January 16) — FROCK
  • Wordle 575 Answer (January 15) — SPIRE
  • Wordle 574 Answer (January 14) — KOALA
  • Wordle 573 Answer (January 13) — HUMAN
  • Wordle 572 Answer (January 12) — LEAPT
  • Wordle 571 Answer (January 11) — SEDAN
  • Wordle 570 Answer (January 10) — GRIMY
  • Wordle 569 Answer (January 9) — PIXIE
  • Wordle 568 Answer (January 8) — OPERA
  • Wordle 567 Answer (January 7) — LEMON

As soon as the new Wordle for today arrives, we'll update this guide with daily answers, so make sure to bookmark this page to have your hands on the daily solutions as quickly as possible.

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  • 4 WAYS TO WORDLE: Try the classic play or 3 variations. In fast mode, players race to solve the Wordle first. In timed mode, beat the clock—or receive more points. Or compete in groups with team mode

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