Ever Legion Gift Codes (January 2023)

Ever Legion Gift Codes (January 2023) ...

Ever Legion is a character-driven mobile strategy game in which seven factions vie for dominance in a fantasy world. You can recruit a roster of powerful heroes to form squads by mixing and matching their classes and powers and progressing through the narrative campaign. There is also a PVP and AFK aspect to the game, which allows you to earn even more points.

Another proven strategy to increase your account's power is by utilizing codes to redeem them for free rewards. In Ever Legion, codes can earn you Diamonds, Magic Crystals, Summoning Scrolls, and more, all of which will help you further strengthen your account and hero roster.

Nikke codes for Goddess of Victory

Ever Legion codes are listed alphabetically.

Ever Legion's working codes are listed below.

  • sgexu — Reward: 300 Diamonds, 60 Rare Hero Fragments [New]
  • happy2022 — Reward: 5 summoning Scrolls [New]
  • merry1225 — Reward: 500 Diamonds and 2 Summoning Scrolls [New]
  • xmas2022 — Reward: 500 Diamonds and 500 Magic Crystals [New]
  • rookiegift — Reward: 300 Diamonds
  • Group001 — Reward: 3 Summoning Scrolls, 200k Hero Exp, 88k Coins
  • guides77 — Reward: 50k Coins, 200k Hero Exp, 60 Rare Hero Fragments
  • nevriabest — Reward: 200 Magic Crystals EL777 – Unlocks 10 Summoning Scrolls

Ever Legion's codes are all expired.

  • EL777 — Reward: free rewards.
  • cd782 — Reward: free rewards.
  • sdtg2022 — Reward: free rewards.
  • black5 — Reward: free rewards.

Ever Legion's How to Redeem Codes

To redeem codes in Ever Legion, follow the steps below.

How to Get More Ever Legion Codes

The best way to get more Ever Legion codes is to review this article frequently. However, you should also check out the Ever Legion Facebook page as well as the Ever Legion Twitter account for a chance to get free codes whenever they come out.

It's possible that certain codes you've entered won't work for a variety of reasons. Make sure you've entered the code exactly as it was listed, since all codes are case-sensitive. Also, codes are usually available for one use only, so you won't be able to redeem additional rewards multiple times.

Ever Legion is a mobile strategy game that incorporates gacha elements. You must select a roster of heroes from seven factions, which are then divided into five classes, while playing across many game modes, including a PvE campaign, PVP arena, AFK idle elements, and more.