How to Make Your Discord Name Visible

How to Make Your Discord Name Visible ...

Discord has quickly become the go-to chat platform for gamers, as well as dozens of fan communities and clubs. It's an intuitive, clean way to organize conversations and text chains.

To disable your Discord name, use Discord settings.

The first step in changing your Discord username is going to the bottom of your Discord UI and clicking on the gear-like icon, the typical symbol for settings. In Discord, it's labeled as "User Settings". On Discord mobile, you click on your profile picture in the bottom right. It will take you to the same place.

Make sure you go to the My Account tab when you go to User Settings. The average desktop Discord interface will automatically place you in this tab when you open User Settings. On mobile, you must select the "Account" tab.

Your username, email, and phone number should be shown in the Account or My Account tabs, whether you use mobile or desktop. If you want your new Discord username to be invisible, click on "edit." On mobile, you simply click on the username itself.

The tilde, or Discord name, will be placed in the place where your name will be displayed. On mobile, the tilde can be found under the phone's symbols menu. Then, once the tilde is in the username area, you must enter your password.

Now, go to your favorite Discord server. You should be able to see your profile picture under the "active users" category, but without a name next to it. Your Discord name is now invisible.