Jenna Dewan is stepping down from The Rookie, Bailey, season 5 episode 14?

Jenna Dewan is stepping down from The Rookie, Bailey, season 5 episode 14? ...

Is Jenna Dewan stepping down from The Rookie following the premiere of Season 5 episode 14 next week? If you have seen the promo for "Death Sentence," we understand your concern.

After all, the conclusion of the preview for this episode depicts Bailey's tendency to be very much concerned about this — if nothing else, we know that the writers want you to be very-much concerned about this. Bailey may have been adolescent before, but for her to die at this point would be beyond words.

So please know that, for the time being, there is no word that Dewan will leave the program... but of course we're concerned that the writers for The Rookie would decide to completely upend John Nolan's life now that he's had some things go for him, right? Such is the nature of TV the majority of the time.

The title here is a concern, although it may be a major red herring? We are already thinking about that, mostly because it is more or less impossible to ignore.

This is the most important thing to do in the episode itself. It is possible to keep Bailey alive, but also create new difficulties for her that might by and large alter her future. We do think that the writers would be eager to think of new ways to incorporate her, which can be challenging since she isn't a member of the LAPD yet, nonetheless, she's an important part of the universe.

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