The 5th season of 1923 is returning: All the action will be here

The 5th season of 1923 is returning: All the action will be here ...

The story will continue to unfold rapidly when the fifth season of Paramount+ launches in September. We don't expect it to come as a surprise.

Consider for a moment what we saw on this past episode! With danger now looming around Dutton Ranch at every turn, and with Jacob barely alive, it makes sense for Spencer to return home. This is especially true now that he has actually seen the letter from Cara, which was actually written months before he saw it.

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Spencer will not be surprised by his new love Alex, after all, the teaser for their return on February 5 implied that things would not be easy. One or both of them might die, especially since travel was not that easy in an era where little protection was provided.

Is Spencer going to spend a lot of time contemplating a return to the ranch, and debating whether or not he would do it? Not that much. Actor Brandon Sklenar (who plays the character) said that when 1923 comes back, you will see Spencer begin things off:

“In typical Taylor Sheridan fashion, he immediately takes action to get home... It doesn't get easier for anyone,” says the author.

Spencer's long hiatus is mostly being used to polish up the remaining four episodes this season, and we tend to think that his story needs more attention in post-production than most others. Remember the many locations we've seen him in so far! Within the greater Yellowstone universe, he's had as epic a four-episode arc as anyone else.

What else will we get from 1923 prior to it returning on the air?

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